Hall of Fame

The Missouri Conservation Hall of Fame honors deceased citizen conservationists and former employees of the Department of Conservation, other conservation-related government agencies, universities, or organizations who made substantial and lasting contributions to fisheries, forestry, or wildlife resources, including conservation law enforcement and conservation education-related activities in the state.

Conservation Hall of Fame

Since 1988

  1. Paul G. Barnickol
  2. Rudolf Bennitt
  3. George Morris
  4. Werner O. Nagel
  5. Ted Scott
  6. Ruthford Henry Westveld
  7. George O. White
  8. Roland M. Hoerr
  9. James T. Montgomery
  10. Jay B. Morrow
  11. Eugene M. Poirot
  12. Vernon Bennett
  13. R. Marlin Perkins
  14. Nan Winston Gardner Weber
  15. Donald E. Wooldridge
  16. Dan Saults
  17. Paul Q. Tulenko
  18. Julian A. Steyermark
  19. Edward D. “Ted” Jones
  20. Alexander Timon Primm III
  21. Ray A. Heady
  22. Charles W. Schwartz
  23. Leonard Hall
  24. Charles H. Callison
  25. Edgar W. Denison
  26. Doris J. Keefe
  27. Jack A. Stanford
  28. Michael C. Milonski (2000)
  29. Dr. Thomas Baskett (2001)
  30. James F. Keefe (2002)
  31. Max C. Hamilton (2007)
  32. Earl P. Coleman (2007)
  33. Charles E. “Ted” Shanks (2009)
  34. George K. Brakhage (2010)
  35. Donald M. Christisen (2010)
  36. Earl Hoyt, Jr. (2011)
  37. Paul Jeffries (2011)
  38. William “Bill” Bennett (2012)
  39. Edwin “Ed” Stegner (2013)
  40. Elizabeth “Libby” Schwartz (2013)
  41. Edwin H. “Ed” Glaser (2014)
  42. Richard W. “Dick” Vaught (2014)
  43. Leo Drey (2016)
  44. Clinton E. "Clint" Trammel (2018)

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