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May 2017 Issue


Aaron and Tracy Twombly
Noppadol Paothong

I Am Conservation

Aaron and Tracy Twombly call their 92-acre Johnson County property Harmony. The couple met in college and discovered a mutual appreciation of nature. Aaron had long fostered a dream to own some land that would allow him to grow and nurture a forest of hardwood trees. As a child, Aaron grew up learning to do woodworking with his grandfather, and he wanted land that would help him restore resources he used in his woodworking. “Planting trees and seeing them grow helps me to slow down and consider the bigger picture of life,” said Aaron. The property, which the Twomblys purchased in 2013, runs along Little Blackwater Creek, and, despite the couple’s lengthy list of criteria for the perfect property, the couple said Harmony exceeded their expectations with its diverse landscapes. With very little equipment, the couple has worked with family and friends to reforest bottomland along the creek to stabilize the bank, restore fescue fields to native prairie, and convert former soybean fields to prairie and savanna. They work diligently to control invasive species, and they have formed a stream team to monitor Little Blackwater Creek. “I’m most excited about our recent enrollment in MRAP (Missouri Outdoor Recreational Access Program, I hope others may be inspired to nurture their own piece of property, whether it’s a patio container or the back 40,” said Tracy. —photograph by Noppadol Paothong

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