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Peregrine falcon with three chicks in nesting box
Peregrine falcon chicks have hatched at two nests in the Kansas City area that are viewable online. The parents will now be feeding and sheltering the growing chicks. This photo was taken in a previous year at the Iatan Power Plant nest north of Weston.
Photo by Debra Burns, Missouri Department of Conservation

MDC says hatched peregrine falcon chicks are viewable online

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Kansas City
May 12, 2020

Kansas City, Mo. – Fuzzy white peregrine falcon chicks are being tended by their high-flying parents at two nests in the Kansas City area, which are viewable online. Eggs have hatched at a nest on a smokestack at Evergy’s Iatan Power Plant in Platte County, and at the American Century Investments building near the Country Club Plaza, said Joe DeBold, Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) urban wildlife biologist.

The falcon parents will now bring the young food. They will shelter them from cold winds and rain. But the chicks will grow daily and fledge or leave the nest in mid-summer, DeBold said.

Three other nests in the Kansas City area are also active and being monitored by MDC.

Restoration of peregrine falcons, which are endangered in Missouri, is a partnership between MDC, private businesses, and other conservation partners.

To watch the falcon nest at the Iatan Power Plant online, visit

The web page address for the camera trained on the nest at the American Century Investments building was recently changed. To watch the American Century falcons, visit

For more information about peregrine falcons in Missouri, visit

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