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When a hunter harvests a deer in the field, the work is not done. How to field dress it, skin it and process the meat are also important parts of a successful deer hunt. Hunters interested in learning how to process their own deer can get tips Oct. 29 at a free Missouri Department of Conservation online "Field to Freezer" program.

Oct. 29 MDC virtual program to provide deer processing tips

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Oct 20, 2020

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Once a hunter has bagged a deer, the work is only half over. How to field dress it, skin it, process the meat and store it for future tasty meals are skills hunters need to know.

Hunters who are interested in learning how to process their own deer will have an opportunity to get tips at a Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) “Field to Freezer” virtual program from 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Oct. 29. This program is open to all ages. People can register for this online program at:

At this free event, MDC Conservation Educator Greg Collier will provide tips on how to field dress, skin, and butcher a harvested deer. Field dressing is an important skill for hunters to have, even if they plan to take their deer to a processing facility. For those who want to butcher their own deer, this clinic will show how to turn a harvested deer into neat packages of lean and healthy meat. Other topics covered will be supplies needed and regulations that pertain to stored venison.

Though this program is free, registration is required to participate, using the link above. Registrants must provide an e-mail so a program link can be sent to them. This program will include a chat-based question-and-answer period where participants can interact with the presenters.

Staff at MDC facilities across the state are holding virtual programs. A listing of these programs can be found at

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