Missouri Managed Woods

Missouri Managed Woods (MMW) is a voluntary program designed to encourage better management and protection of privately owned forested lands. MMW provides services to help participants care for their woods and a property tax reduction to encourage long-term care of lands enrolled in the program. Participating landowners are required to carry out responsible forest management in exchange for the benefits of the program. It is entirely optional for landowners to apply to participate in MMW.

Program Requirements

  • A minimum of 20 acres of wooded land in a contiguous block
  • Land with a market value of less than $3,500 per acre
  • Agree to a 15-year enrollment commitment
  • No structures allowed on enrolled lands (houses, barns, sheds)

Program Benefits

  • Priority assistance from a professional forester
  • A forest management plan based on your goals and objectives, and the condition of your woods
  • Timber sale assistance
  • Property tax reduction
  • Increased cost share rate to assist with forest management practices
  • Forest certification through the American Tree Farm System
  • A timber basis evaluation when needed and appropriate

Landowner Obligations

  • Sign the management plan and agree to implement it, showing progress within five years
  • An expectation of enrollment in the Tree Farm program
  • Have clearly marked property boundaries
  • Fence livestock out of the woods

Missouri Managed Woods is administered by MDC’s Forestry Division. For more information contact your local MDC Forestry Office, or call 877-564-7483.

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In This Section

MMW Enrollment and Rules

Find out how to enroll in MMW and what you can expect after enrollment.

MMW Application (pdf, 24 KB)

Download and complete your application to participate in MMW.

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