Jacks Fork River

The Jacks Fork Watershed occupies a land area of 445 square miles in portions of Howell, Shannon, and Texas Counties. The Jacks Fork River drains directly into the Current River which drains land to the North and East of the Jacks Fork Watershed. The Jacks Fork Watershed is bounded to the South by the Eleven Point Watershed and to the West and Northwest by the North Fork and Big Piney Watersheds.

The Jacks Fork River is formed by the confluence of two streams: the North Prong and South Prong of the Jacks Fork. The North Prong has its beginnings approximately 9 miles south of Raymondville, Missouri, while the headwaters of the South Prong are located approximately 5 miles east of Cabool, Missouri. Both streams join to form the Jacks Fork River northwest of Mountain View, Missouri. From this point, the Jacks Fork flows in an easterly direction for 49.1 miles before joining the Current River northeast of Eminence, Missouri.

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