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Browse up-to-date bulletins on the causes of branch flagging, insect defoliators, exotic insect and disease pests, conifer problems and current disease issues.

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Forest Health Alert: Anthracnose of Shade Trees (pdf, 1 MB)

Use this dowload to learn more about Anthracnose in Missouri's trees.

Forest Health Alert: Armillaria Root Rot (pdf, 2 MB)

Use this dowload to learn more about Armillaria root rot in Missouri.

Forest Health Alert: Defoliating Caterpillars (pdf, 1 MB)

Use this dowload to learn more about caterpillars that defoliate Missouri's trees.

Missouri Forest Health Update, 2018 (pdf, 3 MB)

Topics in this issue include thousand chankers disease, Geosmithia morbida, emerald ash borer, Japanese beetles, oak issues, twig drop, rapid white oak mortality, herbicide injury, and sapsuckers and firewood.

Forest Health Alert: Fall Webworm (pdf, 2 MB)

Fall webworms defoliate trees and spin webs. Learn how to spot them and how to help your trees.

Forest Health Alert: Shortleaf Pine Mortality (pdf, 2 MB)

Ips beetle attacks can kill shortleaf pines. Learn how to deal with an attack.

Forest Health Alert: Finding EAB in Winter (pdf, 971 KB)

Look for bark blonding on ash trees this winter. It could be a sign of emerald ash borers.

Missouri Forest Health Update, November 2017 (pdf, 1 MB)

Topics in this issue include thousand cankers disease, emerald ash borer, rapid white oak mortality, oak wilt, leaf scorch, leaf spot, Japanese beetles, gypsy moth, and southern pine beetle.

Forest Health Alert: Japanese Beetles (pdf, 1 MB)

These insects can eat all the leaves off your tree. Learn what you can do to stop them.

Forest Health Alert: Jumping Oak Gall (pdf, 962 KB)

This tiny native wasp can cause the leaves of white oaks to turn brown. Learn to identify jumping oak gall.

Forest Health Alert: Hypoxylon Canker (pdf, 1 MB)

This disease of oaks and other hardwoods is common after drought. Learn to identify and respond to it.

Forest Health Alert: Oak Wilt (pdf, 1 MB)

This disease of oaks is easily spread in the spring. Learn to identify and prevent it.

Forest Health Alert: Urban Tree Decline (pdf, 1 MB)

Drought and other stresses work together to cause Missouri's urban trees to lose health and vigor over time. Learn to identify, respond to, and prevent urban tree decline.

Forest Health Update 2019 (pdf, 3 MB)

Topics in this issue include flood-related issues, emerald ash borer, thousand cankers disease, gypsy moths, Japanese beetles, laurel wilt, oak diseases, anthracnose, and firewood.

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