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July 2019 Issue

Get Out!

  • Watch for young hummingbirds at your feeders.
  • Search a glade for scorpions at night. They glow white under a black light.
  • Blackberries ripen in July. Pick some to make this easy blackberry pie recipe at
  • Tangy, edible sumac fruits ripen in August. Try making sumac-ade. Soak the berries in water, then strain, and add sugar to taste.
  • Kids Fishing Day and Nature Festival at Roaring River State Park Hatchery in Cassville on Saturday, August 17 from 7 a.m.–8 p.m. Visit for more info.
  • Go on a wolf hunt. Aim a flashlight into leaf litter after dark to spot the green eye-shine
  • of wolf spiders.

Looking for more ways to have fun outside? Find out about Discover Nature programs in your area at

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Bonnie Chasteen
Les Fortenberry
Karen Hudson
Angie Daly Morfeld
Noppadol Paothong
Marci Porter
Mark Raithel
Laura Scheuler
Matt Seek
David Stonner
Nichole LeClair Terrill
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